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“Landscapes of Vietnam” by Nguyen Minh Son

Landscape genre is popular, easy to feel for the viewer. Maybe so, the majority of artists have drawn much less this category. However to succeed in shaping personal style, as seen looking into Nguyen Minh Son’s style, the author’s feelings towards long-term view, not the artist always done. Painter Nguyen Minh Son is one of the few people become famous landscape painting genre. It can be said, he has created a style, drawing for “Landscape of Vietnam” is not confused with someone else. Nguyen Minh Son had painted many paint ings of different genres such as portraits, still life, abstract, graphics etc. But after all, he was loyal to the landscape and his name is ated with this type of competition.

Painter Nguyen Minh Son oil painting chosen to represent the landscape in Vietnam. Technical drawing brushes and knife skillfully Nguyen Minh Son has created the random effect of color, line, rhythm, texture… that each of his paintings are distinctions dot, strong, flexible motion. Of color, authors dare choose natural colors such as brilliant yellow, red, orange, green, purple to express the bold layout. Standing hundreds of meters away, as the painting by smoking in dazzling colors. When approached to look, there is more detail picture, brush, sharp knife exquisite rugged, full of technical virtuosity even like to see more.

Painting “Landscape Vietnam”, Nguyen Minh Son is the synthesis of the common features of a Vietnam agricultural country. Land scape associated with thatched roofs, boat, river, tree, bridge, villages, ancient village gates etc. These are familiar images seen in Viet nam. The traditional image nowhere to be confused. Though rarely have the human image in the picture, but the author paints the scen viewers imagine life idyllic, quiet, hardworking people of Vietnam. In other words, Nguyen Minh Son had “personality” of the details in the picture, a soul in colors, scenery to the scenery Vietnam has common features, but not real life “I paint with perception, rather than draw ing with the saw,” the author says about his paintings so .

From 2006 to now, Nguyen Minh Son had numerous solo exhibitions, collective genre landscape in Vietnam and abroad. Through these trips abroad, “Vietnam Scenery” by Nguyen Minh Son had been introduced to viewers in the UK, USA, Hong Kong, Korea, Singa pore, etc. Many collectors at home and abroad still await the Vietnam landscape picture of him with passion.

Painter Nguyen Minh Son living and working in Hanoi. He is the author of a genre painting “Landscape Vietnam” conventional nature characteristics, regional distinctions are not serious yet. But looking at paintings, the viewer guessing this is the view of Vietnam. by Vietnamese painter.

Etcetera Nguyen
Managing Editor of Viet Weekly (USA)