Minh Son Studio

since 2000

About us

Artist Nguyen Minh Son was born in 1971 in Bac Ninh province, graduated from Hanoi University of Fine Arts (now Vietnam University of Fine Arts) in 2000. His favorite painting genre is Landscape Painting.

Landscape paintings are a popular, easy-to-feel genre for viewers. Perhaps hence, the vast majority of many painters drew this genre. However, in order to succeed in forming his own style, looking at is to see the French pen, the internal power and the transmission of the author’s emotions to the long-term viewer, not any painter will do. Artist Nguyen Minh Son is one of the few people who became a member of the landscape painting genre. It can be said that he has created a style, drawn specifically for “Vietnamese landscapes” not to be confused with anyone else. Nguyen Minh son has painted various genres such as portraits, still, abstract, graphic, etc. The last, he was loyal to the landscape and his name is also associated with this type of painting.

Artist Nguyen Minh Son selects oil painting material to demonstrate the landscape paintings of Vietnam. The technique of using Nguyen Minh son’s pen and painting technique created random effects of color, contours, rhythm, composition… Making each of his paintings has distinct touches, strong, very flexible movements. In terms of color, the author dares to choose brilliant colors such as gold, red, orange, green, purple… To present bold layouts. Standing away from hundreds of meters, the viewer is sucked into the painting by dazzling colors. When it comes close to the view, the painting has a lot of detail, brush strokes, delicate knife strokes, full of technical techniques and more likes to watch.

“Landscape of Vietnam” by Nguyen Minh Son is the general feature of a Vietnamese agricultural naghiep. The scenery associated with the thatched roofs, the bridge, the river, the Museum of Trees, the bridges, the village, the old village gate, etc. are the familiar images commonly found in Vietnam. Traditional images are not confused. Although very rarely there are human images in the paintings, but the scene of the author draws, viewers also visualize the life of the idyllic, gentle, hardworking of the Vietnamese. In other words, Nguyen Minh son has “personality” the details in the paintings, bring the soul into the colors, landscapes to the landscape of Vietnam has common features, but not real life. “I drew with the feel, not to draw by the sight,” the author speaks of his paintings. 

From 2006 to now, Nguyen Minh son has a lot of private exhibitions, collective of landscape paintings in Vietnam as well as abroad. Through overseas trips, “landscapes of Vietnam” by Nguyen Minh Son has been introduced to viewers in the UK, USA, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore v. V Many collectors at home and abroad still await the landscape paintings of British Vietnam with passionate feelings.

Artist Nguyen Minh son lives and works in Hanoi. He is the author of a “Landscape of Vietnam”, which is characterized, not heavy in any area. But looking at the paintings, viewers are guessing this is the scene of Vietnam, a Vietnamese painter.