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Nguyen Minh Son Artist – who recorded Vietnamese soul through each picture of the landscape

With oil paintings, painters Nguyen Minh Son launched more than 30 colorful paintings of the landscape of Vietnam. The paintings displayed at the exhibition give the viewer many emotions, talents and souls that the author submits to the paintings.

Painting exhibition “Memories” by Nguyen Minh Son Artist and Vu Tuyen

Memories are the subject of many images and emotional states that give each artist an impulse, vibration, passion for thinking and drawing about it.
For artist Vu Tuyen, memories are pieces of color. There is the collision, harmony, patchy, sometimes re-up,…

Contemporary paintings by artist Nguyen Minh Son in Algeria

During the two days of the exhibition (May 13-14), painter Nguyen Minh Son has brought to the public in Algeria many impressive oil paintings of landscapes in the region of Vietnam. Nam as Hoi An Ancient Town, Ha Long Bay, the scenery of the northern village, Ho Guom …